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A portrait of female photographer and freelancer Nanna Kreutzmann, who struggles to find her inner peace

after spending her life documenting disasters and conflicts.

As a photographer, Nanna Kreutzmann had spent years of her adult life documenting disasters and conflicts, when one day she crashed. The camera felt like it weighed a hundred kilos. Years of shooting wars, tsunamis, earthquakes and bloody revolutions for various news media had become too much. But when Kreutzmann changed photography careers and became a freediver and underwater photographer, she found a world that could give her peace. ‘Under the Sea’ is an inspiring portrait of an extraordinary woman’s inner life, rich with beautiful footage from the underwater world where she has finally found a home and a new community.


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Format & Length

Documentary - 2022

  • Format & Length: 53 mins

  • Director: Jannik Splidsboel

  • Producer:  New Tales, Denmark – Mette Mikkelsen

  • Co-production:  Ten Thousand Images – Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas

  • Executive producers: Jonathan Langelund & Jakob Schaumburg

  • Cinematographer: Henrik Bohn Ipsen

  • Underwater Cinematographer: Runar Jarle Stray Wiik

  • Editor: Mette Esmark

  • Sound Design: Freja Printz

  • Music composed by: Emil Friis

  • Financed by: Danish Film Institute, TV 2 Denmark, West Danish Film Fund.

  • Broadcaster: TV 2 Denmark

  • Distribution : TBA

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