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Letter to San Zaw Htway (2021)

Letter to San Zaw Htway is a short participatory documentary by Petr Lom & Corinne van Egeraat

In the aftermath of the military coup in Myanmar on February 1st 2021, the filmmakers invited the loved ones of Burmese artist and activist San Zaw Htway to write letters to him. This film is composed of their words.

The brutal military coup of February 1st of 2021 destroyed ten years of fragile democratic transition in the Myanmar and has killed and imprisoned thousands.

The anonymous writers in this film seek inspiration from San Zaw Htway’s all too brief life to come to terms with the cruelty of this military regime. For he overcame 13 years of prison with wisdom, resilience and grace.

Filmed by Burmese cinematographer Bo Thet Htun, who followed the army's take-over in the months after the coup this year, and by Petr Lom, who filmed together with San Zaw Htway over a period of four years.


Watch our trailer (TBA):

Format & Length

Feature Documentary - 2021

  • Format & Length: 25 mins

  • Director: Petr Lom

  • Writers: Corinne van Egeraat and Petr Lom

  • Producer:  ZIN Documentaire, the Netherlands – Corinne van Egeraat

  • Co-production:  Ten Thousand Images – Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas, KRO-NCRV/de Boeddhistische Blik

  • Financed by: KRO-NCRV/de Boeddhistische Blik, the Freedom of Speech Foundation Norway.

  • Broadcaster: TBA

  • Distribution Benelux: : TBA

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