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Kindred Spirits (2015)

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The making of “No Word for Worry”

”Kindred Spirits” is the adventurous film on how a multinational team of film workers completed the shooting of the feature documentary “No Word for Worry” in the inaccessible waters of the Mergui archipelago off Myanmar (Burma) and southwest Thailand. Director/cinematographer Runar Jarle Wiik and his team; consisting of people from five cultures with as many languages, had to learn to live together at sea as roving sea nomads in a small catamaran in order to film in prohibited areas on military islands and mafia-controlled national parks.

Runars film ”No Word for Worry” about the last ”underwater people” has so far been shown at numerous international film festivals, and set to screen on Norwegian and Swedish national TV.  In 2014 it won the “Golden Chair” for best Norwegian documentary, as well “Best Cinematography” at Nordic Docs, and the ”Audience Award” at Eurodok. It has also been screened as a finalist at the “Blue Ocean Film Festival” in the US, ”Kathmandu International Film Festival” in Nepal, and is a finalist at the ”Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival” in Yangon, Myanmar in June 2015.

Format & Length

Half-hour TV Documentary. 

  • Format & Length: 28 min.

  • Director: Anwar Saab

  • Producer: Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas

  • Camerawork: Henrik Konradsdal & the Project Moken Team

  • Editor: Anwar Saab

  • Production Company: Ten Thousand Images AS

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This movie is part of Project Moken, an initiative devoted to raising awareness of the Moken sea nomads

and support for their struggle. Visit our website and find out more today!

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