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MÁHCCAN - Homecoming


SEPT 2023

The emotionally broken indigenous Sámis finally get back their stolen ancestral heritage. Filmmaker Suvi starts to break the outside image of the Sámis for the wellbeing of the whole nation.

The film is set in the Museum world in a turning point, where the national museums have to deal with their colonialistic history. The National Museum of Finland returned thousands of everyday objects taken from the indigenous Sámi people back to them. 

Filmmaker Suvi West takes the audience behind the scenes of the museum world, revealing a visual, philosophical, and spiritual realm. She seeks a connection with ancestors through old museum objects, eventually arriving at the collective pain points of the Sámi people. How can the damage caused by outsiders be repaired so that collective pains can be left behind?

Watch our trailer:

Format & Length

Feature Documentary.

  • Format & Length: 4k Digital, 76 min

  • Directors: Suvi West and Anssi Kömi

  • Script: Suvi West

  • Cinematograpy: Anssi Kömi

  • Producer: Vaski Filmi ltd, Janne Niskala, Finland

  • Co-Production: Ten Thousand Images, Johanna Dorothea Raita

  • Sound: Frode Løes Hvatum

  • Editing: Hanna Kuirinlahti F.C.E.

  • Music: Georg Buljo

  • Financed by
    The Finnish Film Foundation, Yle Finnish Broadcasting Company, AVEK Audiovisual culture promotion Center, Church Media Fund, Norwegian Film Institute, Viken Filmsenter, Fritt Ord, International Sami Film Institute, Sametinget, The Finnish Cultural Foundation



"This is a quiet and thoughtful film with slowly building power. It will leave you awed by the resilience of its subjects yet angry that they needed it."

Eye For Film, September 9th, 2023

"A Haunting Portrait of Repatriation ... (it) takes the viewer on a deeply moving spiritual journey."

POV Magazine, September 8th, 2023

"Máhccan is an ode to a place and a people made by someone who intimately feels their pain. Not just the ones living today, but those who lived long ago. Those whose hands beat these drums, sewed these clothes, and built the legacy Máhccan continues to grow upon."

Film Obsessive, September 8th, 2023

"Homecoming thwarts a voyeuristic gaze that exoticizes and flattens difference, commemorating the beginning of a long road to repatriation with a triumphant spirit that soars."

Cinema Scope, September 8th, 2023

"This is a film that gets the discussion started and then hangs around in your brain for a long time afterward as you ponder what it is showing you. As a film that is going to get thinking and discussing, this film is gangbusters. If you want your intellect scratched I recommend HOMECOMING when I plays near you."

Unseen Films, September 7th, 2023

"A story of hope and empowerment, Máhccan - Homecoming follows the objects’ journey home to Sápmi, while underscoring the pain that many sacred objects, especially drums, remain held in museum collections outside of Sápmi."

Inuit Art, September 6th, 2023

"Homecoming (Máhccan) is a vital and uncompromising work that, through its uniquely delicate energy, plunges into the issue of cultural repatriation currently facing indigenous groups globally while maintaining its gaze upon the story of the heart and soul of the Sámi people, diving deep down into the question of one’s connection to the ancestors through the museum items."

Criticologos, August 15th, 2023

The Museum of European Culture in Berlin has a huge Sámi item collection_by_anssikömi.jpeg
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