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MÁHCCAN - Homecoming


The emotionally broken Sámis finally get back their ancestral heritage that has been taken away from them. The film director Suvi faces the collective pains and starts to break the outside image of the Sámis, not only for herself but for the wellbeing of the whole nation.

The film is set in the Museum world in a turning point. Where the Sámis have to re-determine their relationship to identity, the national museums have to deal with their colonialistic history. Suvi follows repatriation processes in different stages. The Finnish National Museum Sámi collection is returning home but the holy drums are stuck in the museums around Europe. Suvi takes the audience behind the scenes of the museum world where the debate of the othering and cultural inequality is causing inevitable change.

Format & Length

Feature Documentary.

  • Format & Length: Feature Length

  • Directors: Suvi West and Anssi Kömi

  • Producer: Vaski Filmi ltd, Janne Niskala, Finland

  • Co-Production: Ten Thousand Images, Johanna Dorothea Raita

  • Development financed by: YLE, AVEK, Church media fund, Finnish Film Foundation, International Sami Film Institute, Viken Filmsenter, Norwegian Film Institute, Fritt Ord Foundation, Sametinget

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