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A Family Oceanic (working title)


A Nature / Science / Society documentary series exploring surprising new results from the latest top level reseach on human physiology.

The past 20 years have seen as shift in how we perceive our common human origins, raising questions around long-held views about the evolution of our species. Do we really know exactly where we come from? How did we become ourselves? The Aquatic Ape is a documentary journey that will examine the idea that we evolved as much in water as on land, and that the adaptations we made to water are still with us today.

The series will take the Cheng-Wiik family on a quest each episode (or sometimes a few episodes per story), where they examine an important issue or mystery related to our common deep-rooted relationship to all things water, learning about the natural world and themselves as they continue their family journey, or voyage (sea-travel).

Format & Length

Feature Documentary.

  • Format & Length: Feature Length or TV-Series

  • Director: Runar Jarle Stray Wiik

  • Producer: Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas

  • Production Company: Ten Thousand Images AS

  • Development financed by: Norwegian Film Institute, Viken Filmsenter, Bergesenstiftelsen.

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