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Angels on Diamond Street

A film about three inspiring women fighting for social justice in an African American church in impoverished North Philadelphia. One day, a Mexican undocumented immigrant asks the church for sanctuary.

Produced by:  ZIN documentaries, The Netherlands, Minority co-producer: Ten Thousand Images, Norway.
World Premier at IDFA Competition for Dutch Documentary


independent documentaries & short fiction films

Our vision is to create films highlighting stories that address contemporary challenges in a way that inspires and challenges the audience toward reflection as well as action.

We are always looking for the good story, and are open for co-productions nationally and internationally.


A New Journey (En Ny Reise)

A New Journey is an elegy of a lost age, seen from a contemporary point of view. The film is also an exploration of the writer’s circumstances, mentality, and fate.

Nowhere to Hide

We follow young medic Nori Sharif through five years of dramatic change in the “triangle of death” in central Iraq. Critically acclaimed and winner of over 20 awards and recognitions

No Word for Worry

As one of the last indigenous sea nomads, Hook must make a courageous voyage to salvage the remains of his unique culture

Kabang Expedition in Norway

This movie is part of Project Moken, an initiative devoted to raising awareness of the Moken sea nomads and support for their struggle.

In Production / development


A story of two brothers from rural Cambodia making romantic and social commentary music videos in the big city of Phnom Penh. One has arms, the other doesn’t. Together they mirror the world of post Khmer Rouge after decades of civil war.

The Dolphin Enigma

The ocean is threatened, our future uncertain. How do we talk to our children about this? A diver and his teenage daughter seek hope by joining leading scientists in revealing discoveries indicating we evolved into humans as shallow water divers.



A documentary film about the hard choices an indigenous woman faces: Should she preserve the age-old traditions or follow her dream of an independent life in a modern city?

Hidden Letters

Hu Xin, a young Chinese Millennial living in rural China, looks toward the wisdom of Nushu – an ancient secret woman-only script – to navigate her life in a world still dominated by men.