documentaries &
short fiction films

documentaries &
short fiction films

Nowhere to Hide

We follow young medic Nori Sharif through five years of dramatic change in the “triangle of death” in central Iraq.


independent documentaries & short fiction films

Our vision is to create films highlighting stories that address contemporary challenges in a way that inspires and challenges the audience toward reflection as well as action.

We are always looking for the good story, and are open for co-productions nationally and internationally.

No Word for Worry

As one of the last indigenous sea nomads, Hook must make a courageous voyage to salvage the remains of his unique culture

Kabang Expedition in Norway

This movie is part of Project Moken, an initiative devoted to raising awareness of the Moken sea nomads and support for their struggle.

Secret of the Gisa
(Gisas Hemmelighet)

“Is Risten Bals the Sami woman pictured on the large posters in the former immigration reception office on Ellis Island, New York? And if so, what is her story?”

Losing our Touch
More info to come

Losing our Touch

More info to come

Ten Thousand Images was formally established by Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas in november 2014, and is located on the beautiful peninsula Nesodden, a 20-minute ferry-ride from downtown Oslo, Norway.  The name, however, has been in use for over 20 years as Mette’s editing business. It comes from the chinese 万像 (10000 Images) – one of several translations for  just that – editing.

Today we have several completed documentary films behind us (including the award-winning “No Word for Worry”), and we are in development and production of several more to come.

We work mainly with documentary films, but we are also developing films within the fiction-universe these days, and this really is thrilling. We work locally as well as globally, and we make commissioned films on themes that we can relate to, in order to build a stabile economy within the company. In this we have a special place for any audio-visual work related to marine conservation, and have a close collaboration with Project Moken and Marinreparatørene.

All in all – we are a multifaceted company where our main objective is to work with our passion to make a difference. We like to think of our name in a larger context based on the old buddhist idiom 森羅 万象 – making change as part of all things in the universe.

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Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas

CEO, Producer & Editor

Associated Professionals

Runar Jarle

Writer/Director & Cinematographer




Director, Producer, Cinematographer & Editor


web designer, web programmer



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