Bong Thom - the big brother (working title)


A story about two brothers and their mother from rural Cambodia. The mother runs the family farm, and the brothers make romantic music videos in the big city of Phnom Penh. One has strong arms, the other does not.

Their relationships reflect a world after the Khmer Rouge; a country that, after decades of peace, still lives in the echo of war.

Format & Length

Feature Documentary.

  • Format & Length: Feature Length and TV-Hour

  • Director: Zaradasht Ahmed

  • Producer: Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas

  • International Co-Producers: ZIN Documentaire, the Netherlands – Corinne van Egeraat, Film and Tell, Sweden – Marina-Evalina Cracana

  • Cinematographer: Zaradasht Ahmed

  • Editor: Eva Hillström

  • Impact Producer: Johanna Dorothea Raita

  • Production Company: Ten Thousand Images AS

  • Financed by: Norwegian Film Institute, Viken Filmsenter, Fritt Ord Foundation, Filmkraft Rogaland, Zefyr, Bergesenstiftelsen, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, SVT, Swedish Film Institute, Netherlands Film Fund

  • Distribution: East Village Entertainment


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